Drone Winch with 30m Rope and Hook for Delivery Pick up

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Industrial quality of Drone Winch

Choose the industry’s highest strength dinima rope, high strength and toughness, configure the reciprocator for uniform winding and unwinding, attach a gravity hook to the mechanical design, not easily decoupled, and make certain that the rope is collected and released safely.

Convenient power supply mode with Drone Winch Integration

As soon as the end of the power supply line is connected to the 24v interface on the delivery rope and the parallel head of the XT30 on the other end, dock the XT30 head with the X30 master head under the aircraft and the power supply link is complete.

M600 winch quick demolition and hanger design

This high precision universal design can be used on the same platform as the other modules of the company’s general hand screw and the fixed buckle design, allowing for easy installation without the need for tools. Aviation aluminum is utilized to manufacture the hanger through CNC processing and sand blasting anode polarization treatment, providing high precision, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. The design of the card slot and spring lock button allows for a fast load, the installation of the card slot and spring lock button only requires a gentle push of the spring lock to complete the rope lock, ensuring a double layer of safety and reliability. Remove just press the spring latch and gently push the drop rope to remove the drop rope, convenient and fast.

Drone Winch with Hook and Pick Up Functionality Applications

Your drone winch can be combined with other industry tool modules, such as electric inspection, manipulator, water intake modules, etc. different combinations for drone winch can apply to: public security, fire fighting, power rack and power inspection, material back and forth transportation, disaster relief and rescue supplies in isolated areas.


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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 27 × 20 cm



Winch Specification
Size 200x105x145mm
Outer packing box 305x269x195mm
Weight 1.05KG
Installation mode Quick Disassembly
Working voltage 24V
Motor type Brush DC motor
Motor power 22W
Motor revolution 6000 rpm
Output revolution 120 rpm
Reduction ratio 1:50
Setting out of speed 10m / points
Throw-line length 30M
Control mode independent remote control
Signal mode PWM signal
Control distance 800m (without blocking)
Max. payload 5kg
Remote Control Specification
Size 180x82x161mm
Weight 392g
Input power 1.5AAx4
Data output PS2 interface PPM
Frequency range 2.4055-2.475GHZ
Band width 500KHZ
Transmitter power ≤20dBm
Low voltage alarm <4.2V
Antenna length 26mmx2 (dual antenna)
Display mode STN transflective positive, 128×64 dot matrix VA73x39mm LED
white backlight


Product contents

Product contents



User Manual


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