M31 handheld GCS — Innovative design, Exciting Features — All you need in one design

M31 Handheld GCS

M31 handheld GCS (Ground Control Station) is a portable GCS that has everything you need inside. No need to carry extra heavy accessories around and wasting time on initial setup by connecting different components together. This all-in-one ground control station integrates your radio control, datalink, and video link in a single entity. Although you can use your own communication system, and connect by standard interfaces including S.BUS, USB, LAN, and industrial grade CAN protocol which can be self-defined by the host computer. With a big 10.1″ touchscreen display, you can control and monitor drones (Multirotor, Fixed-wing, or VTOL) or robots (UGV, ROV, or USV) at the same time, and have real-time footage of the installed gimbal camera as well.

The 1000nit sunlight readable screen is suitable for outdoor missions in the middle of the day. Moreover, the industrial design of M31 handheld GCS — waterproof and dustproof (IP53), makes it operable in harsh environments and in a wide temperature range. It can easily survive drops on the ground and enormous shocks. The protective rims near the screen ensure that no scratch will be seen on the screen even if you drop it from a height. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our drop test and how M31 easily survives.

A large electronics compartment has been designed and installed at the back of the unit with a large space for installing arbitrary communications modules, converters, adaptors, and other suitable modules based on the mission.

You can easily install this remote control on a tripod thanks to the standard 1/4″ tripod mount screw for long-time mission scenarios or a fixed docking station like car mounts and back seat mounts.

Ergonomic design by using a well-finished uniform aviation-grade aluminum along with long width fully rubberized handle for better grip and control makes the unit drop resistant and waterproof. 

M31 UAV GCS has enough input channels (35 individual physical channels) that make it a powerful remote control system and gives the user capability to assign each channel to the preferred joystick, switch, and button. By using industrial grade self-centering joysticks, operator can have precise control over the vehicle maneuvers. Normally, the buttons can be used for single-state, bi-state, or tri-state control or even mixed with other channels to create combinatorial functions. Two self-centering knob wheels at the top edge corners are well-mounted and easily finger-reachable to have full control over the assigned actuators or manipulation of the camera pointing view direction. In addition, buttons with backlights enable the possibility of operations in the middle of the night or in dark environments. A big emergency stop button was added to the unit to easily trigger the fail-safe scenarios. 

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It is possible to get the signal out of the remote control by connecting the SBUS ports, or USB port to a PC, that can use the signals for internal processing. 

M31 can run both Linux and Windows as the operating system, and most Ground Control Station Software available on the market, including QGroundControl and MissionPlanner, can be installed and run on it.

Here are a few parameters of M31 portable GCS:

Main Parameters
Overall weight2800g
Screen 10.1″ industrial touchscreen
1280×800 (1000nit)
1920×1200 (800nit)
CPU Intel Core i5
RAM 8GB DDR4L(standard), 32G max
Physical channelsMain joysticks*2 (industrial joysticks with hall sensors)
Key button*25
Pull wheel*2
1 stop button, 1 directional button, and 7 simulate keystrokes
Battery capacity12.6V/10200mAh, external battery is also supported
Working time3.5h@full battery capacity
Charging portType-c 65W fast charge
SSD storage128GB(standard), 1T max

Here is comparison table of M31 with two other popular ground control stations, Herelink v1.1, and SIYI MK15.


M31 handheld GCS

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Herelink v1.1

Here1 - herelink 1. 1,handheld herelink 1. 1 hd,herelink 1. 1 hd video,video transmission,control system - motionew - 2



Long rang remote controller

Overall weight2800g536g850g
Screen 10.1″ industrial touchscreen5.46″, Capacitive touchscreen5.5″, Capacitive touchscreen
1280×800 (1000nit)1080P, 1000nit1920×1080 (1000nit)
1920×1200 (800nit)
Operating SystemWindows/Linux/AndroidAndroidAndroid
Max. communication range50km20km15km
Physical Channels35 inputs11 inputs13 inputs

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