Gimbal ZR10, 30X Hybrid Zoom Camera

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Gimbal ZR10

Gimbal ZR10 is a 3-axis gimbal camera with 30x Hybrid zoom (10x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom) and 2K QHD camera resolution. The 400Mbits CMOS sensor allows 2K video recording and photography, with a TF card support to store the recorded files onboard. It can be installed on small drone and and UAVs for real-time transmission of Camera gimbal drone video to the ground unit station.

A high precision FOC control algorithm enables industry level 3-axis stabilizing technology.

ZR10 features HDR features and can precisely capture details of highlights and shadows in dynamic scenes. The CMOS sensor is ultrasensitive starlight sensor and creates high quality images even in low light level environments.

This 3-axis gimbal camera can work with HD image transmission devices, desired for inspection missions including power plants, construction sites and more.

In case of emergency situations like fire control where the firefighters need help, gimbal ZR10 can give beyond the human capabilities sight of the scene. The 10x optical zoom capability allows fighters to see what is exactly happening in the see and take appropriate decisions.

Police forces can use the gimbal for monitoring traffic and crime scenes. Relaying real-time camera footage can help in detecting car collisions, and sending ambulance and emergency vehicles to the scene.


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Additional information

Weight 0.885 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 18 cm


Model ZR10
Video Output Port Ethernet
Control Signal Input Port S.Bus / PPM / UART / UDP
Working Voltage 11 to 25.2 V
Power Consumption 3 W
Working Temperature -10 ~ 50 ℃
Waterproof Level IP4X
Dimension 121*101*78 mm
Weight 381g


Gimbal specifications
Angular Vibration Range ±0.01°
Controllable Pitch Angle -90° to +25°
Mechanical Pitch Angle  -135° to +45°
Controllable Yaw Angle -45° to +45°

Mechanical Yaw Angle

-90° to +90°


Camera specifications
Lens 10X Optical Zoom (30X Hybrid Zoom)
Focal Length 5.15±5% to 47.38±5% mm
Minimum Focus Distance 200mm
Image Sensor 1/2.7”-inch, 4 MP effective resoultion
Aperture  F1.8 to F2.5
FOV Diagonal 79.5°, Horizontal 71.5°
TF Recording Resolution 2K (2560*1440) @ 30 fps
Video Storage Bitrate 12 Mbps
File Storage Format FAT32
Image Format JPEG
Video Format MP4 (Recorded in H265, *auto converted to MP4 after restart)
Supported MicroSD Cards  MicroSD Class10, Max 128GB
Still Photography Mode Single
Metering Mode Evaluative metering


Product contents

Bundle 1

1x ZR10 Gimbal


Bundle 2

1x ZR10 Gimbal

1x MK15


Bundle 3

1x ZR10 Gimbal

1x HM30


ZR10 Manual

HM30 Manual


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