Q10N Gimbal Camera for Drone

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Q10N is a Professional 3-axis High-precise Gimbal

The gimbal camera Q10N is designed with 3-axis stabilization capability, and carries a 10X zoom camera for gimbal drone aerial inspection, surveillance, and search and rescue missions. It has an HD 10X optical zoom camera and a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal, which is able to capture 1080p 30fps video. The captured data are recorded on an onboard TF card.  Q10N is controlled by the drone pilot or a secondary individual allowing for an overhead view that can cover a large field of ground quickly and effectively. The 10x optical zoom function of the camera allows you to see every detail of interest in the scene while staying at a distance.


10x Optical Zoom Camera

Q10N features a 10x optical zoom lens. It is powered by a 2.48MP 1/3″ SENSOR CMOS module, provides great performance in poor light environments, and has a wide dynamic range of 105dB. This feature is excellent for flying at sunset or sunrise. In the presence of backlight or strong light, the view of the over bright and over dark regions can still be captured at the same time. The camera stabilizer drone gimbal outputs Full HD 1080p (1920×1080) images, and has autofocus — uses a fast focus algorithm with focus time <1s.

Q10N Gimbal 10x optical zoom


IP Output with 360 degrees continuous 

The Q10N supports IP video output and 360 degrees of continuous yaw rotation. The Default IP video output resolution is set at 720P.


Q10N Gimbal Camera continuous rotation




3-axis Small Size Gimbal Camera

Q10N is a professional 3-axis gimbal zoom camera with high stability, small size, lightweight, and low power consumption. Also known as brushless gimbals, it is suitable for VTOL Drones, helicopters, fixed-wing planes, Multirotor aircraft, and other types of drones.

Q10N Gimbal zoom camera


Multi Control Methods 

The default control method is PWM and Serial port (TTL voltage level). However, you can optionally use SBUS to control it. Using Viewpro software Viewlink you can do TTL control.

Q10N Gimbal Camera set


Q10N Gimbal Camera

Control box signal interfaces: 

Q10N control Box

Q10N Applications

Q10N is designed to be used in various fields like public security, electric power lines inspection, control of fire hazards, aerial photography and cinematography, construction sites, and any other industry that can benefit from the usage of drones.

Q10N Gimbal zoom camera


Q10N is Compatible with Viewport

Q10N is compatible with quick-release connectors. This gives you easy assembly, and plug and play capability. You can just install the quick-release connector on your drone, and use different types of drone camera based on your mission requirements.

Q10N Gimbal Camera ports


Q10N Dimensions

Q10n optical zoom camera

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm


Hardware Parameter
Working voltage 12V
Input voltage 3S ~ 6S
Output voltage 5V (connect with PWM)
Dynamic current 550mA @ 12V
Idle current 450mA @ 12V
Power consumption 3.85W
Working environment temp. -20℃ ~ +60℃
Output IP output (720p/1080P 25/30 fps)
Local-storage SD card (Up to 128G, class 10, FAT32 or ex FAT format)
Control method PWM  /S.bus/ TTL


Gimbal Specifications
Angle range of structure design Pitch/Tilt: -35°~120°, Roll: ±60°, Yaw/Pan: ±300° / ±360°*N (IP output version)±90°
Angle range of software design
Pitch/Tilt: -35°~90°, Yaw/Pan: ±290° / ±360°*N (IP / SDI output version)
Vibration angle Pitch/Roll: ±0.02°, Yaw±0.02°
One-key to center


Camera Specifications
Image Sensor 1/3inch CMOS
Total pixel 2.48MP
Picture Quality Full HD 1080(1920*1080)
Optical Zoom 10x, F=5.1~51mm
Angle of View(D, H, V) D: 68° (Wide end) ~ 6.7° (Tele end)
H: 54° (Wide end) ~ 4.9° (Tele end)
V: 31° (Wide end) ~ 4.0° (Tele end)
Photo storage format JPG(1920*1080/1280*720)
Video storage format MP4 (1080P/720P 25fps/30fps)
Sync system Progressive scanning
Sync. System Internal Internal
Internal more than 50dB
Min illumination Color 0.05lux, BW:0.1lux, Color DSS: 0.125lux, BW DSS:0.025 lux
Backlight compensation Backlight compensation/strong light inhibition
Gain Control Off/On
White balance Auto/Manual
Shutter speed Auto
Focus Auto/Manual/One-time automatic focus
Iris 0~20 steps
Exposure Mode / AGC / Shut Speed / Iris / DSS / Flickerless / Brightness / WDR/BLC / D&N
Defog Yes


Packing Information
Net Weight 473g / 538g (Viewport version)
Product Dimensions 91.6*111.4*143.1mm / 91.6*111.4*148.8mm(Viewport Version)
Gross Weight 860g
Package Dimensions 200*200*150mm

Product contents

1x gimbal camera Q10N, screws, USB to TTL cable / Hight quality box with foam cushion


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