M300 UAV Smoke Bomb, Tear Gas launcher

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M300 UAV Smoke Bomb Overview

Basically, M300 UAV smoke bombs and tear gas bombs are used to create visual obstacles for the enemy, which is incredibly useful whether you are attacking the enemy or defending.

However, Many special environments pose a challenge for humans because they cannot accurately throw the target area. In addition to its 38mm smoke grenades and tear gas launchers for drones, the company produces small size, light weight, high stability, and low impact on aircraft smoke grenades and tear gas launchers for drones. Consequently, the enemy causes psychological fear and obstacles in sight.


Product description

The basic use of smoke bombs and tears gas bombs is to create visual obstacles to the enemy, which is very helpful for attacking the enemy or defending. however, in
many special environments, humans cannot accurately throe the target area , which causes delays. I the 38mm-caliber smoke grenades and tear gas launchers for drones developed and produced by the company have the characteristic of small size, light weight, high stability, and low impact on the aircraft. The enemy brings psychological fear and obstacles in sight.


Exterior design

The whole is made of aviation aluminum , which has high strength, light weight and strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability; industrial style design , strong
sense of weight and beautiful atmosphere ; it is manufactured by CNC processing technology with high precision; the surface is anodized, which is corrosion-resistant and ear-resistant.


Safer and more stable

Vertical launch reduces unnecessary fragile structures, and the design is more in line with structural mechanics. It is especially suitable for multi-rotor drones. It can greatly reduce the impact of launcher recoil shock on drone flight stability.


Quick disassembly

The design of sliding slot and spring lock buckles fast mounting, the installation only needs to push the spring lock buckle to lock the transmitter to complete the mounting, double protection, safe and reliable.

It is convenient and quick to remove transmitter simply by pressing the spring lock and pushing the transmitter slightly. pull the tab-type buckle when loading, Open
it up to quick reload , and press it lightly to lock the magazine.


·Accurate measurement, accurate design first the M300RTK shell perfectly.

·The quick release pylon can be put into the flight case with the drone without disassembling.

·The high-precision universal design of the quick-release rack can be used on the same platform as other modules of our company. The material is made of aviation aluminum through CNC processing technology and sandblasting.

·Polarization treatment has the advantages of high precision, high strength , corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.

The standard version does not include a quick-release rack, which needs to be purchased separately.

M300 uav smoke bomb

convenient power supply

·Plug the device and connector of the power supply line into the power supply port of the transmitter

·The fuselage end connector is inserted into the OSDK interface on the top of the aircraft

·The power supply link can be completed (M300 plug with anti-reverse plug design)

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 27 × 20 cm


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launcher Control end
Dimensions 106mm*122mm*101mm Size 180mm*82mm*161mm
Packing size 305mm*269mm*195mm weight 392g
net weight 0.55 KG power supply 1.5AA*4
Material Aviation Aluminum Data output PS2   PPM
Installation method Quick release frequency 2.4055 – 2.475GHZ
Launch method Electric shock launch Wave band 500KHZ
Caliber size 38 mm(Adaptation: recoil 1~2kg, range 80m, electric shock) Transmission power not higher than20dBm
Number of hits 4 pcs Low voltage alarm Lower than 4.2V
Power supply mode M300 power supply Charging port no
Operating Voltage 24V Antenna length 26mm*2
way to control Independent remote control PWM Display method STN  ,128×64

Product contents

Product contents


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