Camera Gimbal Z30F For Drone

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Camera Gimbal Z30F For Drone integrates a 30x optical zoom and combines both gimbal drone and camera features on the Z30F gimbal camera. In terms of sensor size, the type SONY 1/3inch CMOS sensor supports approx. With 4 million effective pixels, it is a great camera. The drone has been pre-set with all the parameters perfectly functioning and the gimbal camera has been mounted on the UAV, then you can start flying the UAV. We use a FOC solution (use a digital encoder for every motor, and a PID algorithm for controlling the motors), which can greatly compensate for the vibration of the UAV, which we can control in three directions: YAW, ROLL, and PITCH. In spite of the ten optical zoom times, the image remains very stable. Z30F has been widely used in various fields like public security, electric power, fire, zoom aerial photography, and other industries in the application of drones.

Camera Gimbal Z30F For Drone

30X Zoom Camera (Self Stabilized Camera)


Powered by 1/3 SENSOR CMOS module, with [email protected] min illumination and 105dB wide dynamic range, in the presence of backlit or strong light, the view of the over bright and over dark regions can still be captured at the same time.The camera has 4 Mega effective pixesl, supports 30x optical autofocus, and possess HD 1080p video,fast auto-focus speed ,small size,designed for UAV aerial photography.

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Applications of this payload camera

Mainly supply in law enforcement, fire-fighting, power tower and pipeline inspection, search and rescue etc. A wide range of monitoring and searching is required in an emergency to quickly transfer the situation, improve response efficiency and reduce casualties.

Z30F 3 - Camera Gimbal Z30F For Drone - MotioNew - 6

Professional 3-axis High-precise FOC Program

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Additional information

Weight 0.640 kg
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 28 cm



Hardware Parameter
Working voltage 12V
Input voltage 3S ~ 4S
Output voltage 5V (connect with PWM)
Dynamic current 450mA @ 12V
Idle current 330mA @ 12V
Power consumption ≤5.4W
Working environment temp. -20℃ ~ +50℃
Output micro HDMI(HD output 1080P 60fps)  / Analog
Local-storage SD card (Up to 32G, class 10, FAT32 or ex FAT format)
Control method PWM  / TTL


Gimbal Spec
Pitch/Tilt ±90°
Roll ±85°
Yaw/Pan ±150°
Vibration angle Pitch/Roll: ±0.02°, Yaw:±0.03°
One-key to center


Camera Spec
Imager Sensor 1/3inch CMOS
Total pixel 4MP
Effective pixel 2688*1520
Dynamic range 65dB
Lens 5MP
Optical zoom 30x, F=4.5~135mm
Min object distance 1.5M
Viewing angle Horizontal: 54.8°(Wide end) ~ 3.4°(Tele end)
Vertical: 41°(wide end) ~ 2.5°(tele end)
Focus: 66.6°(wide end) ~ 7.2°(tele end)
Sync system Progressive scanning
Local video 1080P 30fps local TF card
HD output 1080P/720/480P 60fps HDMI1.4
AV output Standard CVBS 1Vp-p
S/N ratio 38dB
Min illumination Color [email protected]
Backlight compensation Backlight compensation/strong light inhibition
Gain Auto
White balance Auto/Manual
Shutter speed Auto
Control system UART/IR/PWM
Communication protocol PELCO-D, Hitachi protocol or VISCA
Focus Auto/Manual/One-time automatic focus
Focus speed <1s
Lens initialization Built-in
User presetting bit 20 sets
Image rotation 180°, Horizontal/Vertical mirror image


Object Tracking(Optional)
Update rate of deviation pixel 50Hz
Output delay of deviation pixel <15ms
Minimum object contrast 5%
Minimum object size 16*16 pixel
Maximum object size 160*160 pixel
Tracking speed ±32 pixel/frame
Object memory time 4s
The mean square root values of pulse noise in the object position < 0.5 pixel


Packing Information
N.W. 640g
Product meas. 149*103*138mm
Accessories 1pc gimbal camera device, 16pcs screws,  4pcs copper cylinders, 12pcs damping balls, 4pcs damping boards / Hight quality plastic box with foam cushion
G.W. 2212g
Package meas. 260*180*280mm

Product contents

Product contents




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