Multirotor Drones

Multirotor drones are the desired solution for quick missions in short ranges and short duration

What are Multirotor Drones?

Multirotor drones are types of drones that include multiple motors that work together to lift the drone vertically. Multirotors are dynamically unstable and require a control system for stabilization during flight. This is done with the help of an onboard inertial measurement unit (IMU), to control the attitude of the drone. Moreover, they can move in all directions without rotating the whole frame, which is in contrast to fixed-wing drones. This means that multirotors need to know the direction that they are facing, which necessitates the use of a compass sensor for autonomous missions, while fixed-wing drones can find the direction based on the direction of movement using a GPS sensor. 

Different payloads are possible to be installed on the frame, including gimbals with a camera and/or lightning systems for monitoring missions, or release mechanisms for rescue missions. 

Based on the number of motors used in the frame, different names are used for them. Tricopter for frames with 3 motors, Quadcopter for frames with 4 motors, and so on.


Different Types of Multirotor drones


Equipped with 4 motors, quadcopters are the most used type of multirotor drones. They can be made in small dimensions, and can be as light as 200g or less. They are easy to operate and energy efficient due to the small number of motors. It is possible to include a folding mechanism in the arms to fit in a small package for transportation.

Quadcopters can come in different configurations. The important thing is that the rotation direction of all motors should neutralize each other to make it possible to control the yaw direction of the quadcopter. The type of the propeller that is used for each motor should be compatible with its direction of rotation. 

Some of the well-known quadcopter configurations are X, H, and plus configurations. This configuration refers to the structure of the frame and positioning of the motors with respect to each other, which is an important factor in the drone’s control algorithm.


Hexacopters are the next type of multirotors with 6 motors. They are more powerful compared to quadcopters and can carry heavier payloads. Higher number of motors usually means that they can carry a bigger battery, and therefore have a longer time of flight which makes them suitable for longer mission. If an appropriate wireless communication link is installed on them, they can be used in long range missions. 

Hexacopters also come in different configurations. Again, the important thing is that the rotation direction of all motors should neutralize each other to make it possible to control the yaw direction of the drone.


Octocopters are multirotors equipped with 8 motors. Compared to quadcopters and hexacopters, they usually have bigger frames, which require smore powerful motors and bigger propellers for a more efficient system. This means you need to install the motors at a further distance such that the propellers do not coincide with each other. Due to the higher available lift from the motors, they can carry heavier payloads. 

MotioNew Featured Products

MotioNew offers different multirotor drones based on your need. Ready to Fly Quadcopter and Hexarotor drones in different sizes, with different payload and flight time. Made with carbon fiber, operable in wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. 

Agricultural drones come with a tank that you can fill with water to autonomously water the field and crops in a short time. The advantage over using tractors is that the crops are not damaged. Multiple nozzles are installed on the arms to spray the liquid contained inside the tank with the help of a pump, and with a controllable flow. They have a waterproof body that gives you ease of mind during operation, with a foldable design which makes it portable. Installing RTK systems makes the operation easier and more accurate. 


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