UAV Searchlight with PWM control for Brightness adjustment

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Overview of  UAV Searchlight


Searchlight pwm

Easy-to-use onboard switch

There is a feature in the searchlight pwm guide light that allows you to turn on the light without a remote control, which makes it more convenient to operate in the field.

For night flight operations with relatively fixed colors and brightness, simply press the switch before the drone takes off the switch before turning on the lights and adjusting the color and brightness. This is useful when the UAV remote control channel is limited and the angle control signal cannot be directly addressed.


An aluminum alloy shell provides excellent protection

In order to increase the level of peace of mind in complex environments, Searchlight PWM has an aluminum alloy design with a good protection effect. As a result of the intelligent temperature control as well as the aluminum alloy large area heat fins, it is safe and stable, long-lasting and durable as well.

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High-precision dual-axis swing,90-degree pitch control

Use 20kg high-torgue digital steering gear to control the lighting direction, internal all-metal gear drive, good performance and long life; through the remote control switch, the lighting pitch angle can be adjusted , with high control accuracy, stability and durability..

Searchlight pwm


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm

Product contents

Product contents


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