ViewPro Latest Products Launched at World Drone Congress, UAS/UAV Expo 2024 — Shenzhen, China

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The 8th World Drone Congress, also known as the Shenzhen UAV expo, is in place from May 24 to May 26. This is a venue for many manufacturers to showcase and launch their newest developments and products. ViewPro was one of the many big companies that participated in the venue and launched a few new products. Let’s take a look at them.

One of the new series of the releases products are multi sensor gimbals with High Resolution Thermal (HRT) Sensors. So far, all the available models had a resolution of at most 640×512. However, the new models have a high resolution of 1280×1024 for the thermal sensor, and support 50Hz update rate. U30TIRM Pro is one of the models with these new features. It is a 2-axis gimbal model, with a 50mm thermal lens, 30x daylight optical zoom sensor, and 5km laser range finder (LRF).

Expo u30tirm pro 2 - motionew - 1
Expo u30tirm pro 3 - motionew - 2
Expo u30tirm pro 4 - motionew - 3
Expo u30tirm pro 5 - motionew - 4
Expo u30tirm pro 6 - motionew - 5
U30TIRM Pro Gimbal Specification
Image Sensor1/2.8″ SONY CMOS
Lens30x optical zoom, f=4.3~129mm
Total Pixel2.13MP
Thermal Sensor1280×1024, 50mm focus length, 12um, 50Hz 
AI FunctionHuman/Vehicle AI Identification and Tracking
Laser Range5~5000m
Object TrackingAvailable
Working Voltage4s~6s
Outputmicro HDMI / IP
Control MethodPWM / TTL / S.BUS / TCP / UDP
Local StorageSD Card up to 512GB
Net Weight1450g

More than that, most of the available models have a fixed lens for the thermal sensor, while digital zoom is supported. The good news is that Viewpro came up with a highly demanded solution to solve that issue. The two newly released products, A30TR-1575 and Q30TIRM-15100 are the two models, having 5x and 7x thermal optical zoom respectively. A30TR-1575 has a 25Hz, 640×512 thermal sensor, with a variable 15~75mm focus length. A 4.17MP, 1/1.8″ CMOS sensor with 30x optical zoom and a 5km laser range finder makes this model a perfect choice for multiple applications. 

More interestingly, Q30TIRM-15100 not only has a high resolution 25Hz, 1280×1024 thermal sensor and a variable 15~100mm focus length, which is an improvement over the A30TR-1575 but also it comes with an improved 10km laser range finder. Q30TIRM-15100 stands out as the biggest and heaviest product from this company so far.

 A30TR-1575 Q30TIRM-15100
Image Sensor1/1.8 Type STARVIS CMOS
Lens30x optical zoom, f=6.5~162.5mm
Total Pixel4.17MP
Thermal Sensor

640*512, 15~75mm focus length, 5x optical zoom, 12um, 25HZ

1280*1024, 15~100mm focus length, 7x optical zoom, 12um, 25Hz

AI FunctionHuman/Vehicle AI Identification and Tracking
Laser Range5~5000m5~10000m
Object TrackingAvailable
Working Voltage4s~6s
OutputIPmicro HDMI / IP
Control MethodPWM / TTL / S.BUS / TCP / UDP
Local StorageSD Card up to 256GBSD Card up to 512GB
Net Weight2530g5120g
Expo a30tr 1575 1 - motionew - 6
Expo q30tirm 15100 1 - motionew - 7

By introducing these new generations, we guess they will cost more than 50K USD (Not official), Viewpro will have more impact on the industrial drone market.

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Stay tuned for more pictures from the Shenzhen expo.