New Parrot ANNAFI Specifications Released

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Parrot, a big name in drones in Europe and the US, has announced its new ANAFI Ai enterprise vehicle is available for pre-order. The designated price before tax is expected to be around $4,000, and it is expected to be available within the next 6 months.

Parrot says the new ANAFI Ai is designed with greater speed and efficiency in photogrammetry, mapping, inspection, and surveying missions. Thanks to its Verizon 4G LTE communications, the drone and the operator can be at any distance from each other and still have real-time data transfer, even beyond visual line of sight operation range.

The craft is equipped with the so called “unique omni-directional obstacle avoidance” system using stereo camera to monitor all directions, a 48 MP camera with 1/2″ sensor, 24mm lens and a F2.0 fixed aperture, and 73º FOV, mounted on a 6-axis gimbal (both mechanical and digital stabilization). video resolution of up to 4K@60fps at H.265 with HDR10. It has a digital zoom of up to 6X with 4X lossless at 1080p and 2X lossless at 4K UHD. It comes with an open-source app, and has 0.46cm/px GSD at 30m height.

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The foldable and lightweight design has made it suitable for carrying around. It is rain resistant, and has a ready to fly time of under 1 minute. It can fly up to 32 minutes in one mission, with maximum speed of 16m/s, resisting winds with up to 13m/s speed.

Parrot always has protecting cybersecurity in mind when designing drones, as well as ease of use. Anafi AI is not different. The embedded technology inside ANFI AI ensures unique identity verification. The communication between the UAV, Skycontroller 4, and any connected smartphone is encrypted, to ensure the privacy of data. It has been made possible with the in house developed technology, WISeKey, a secure Element for the Anafi AI which encrypts the 4G link between the drone and user’s smartphone.

The UAV can operate autonomous with the help of its obstacle avoidance system and the flight plan designed by the pilot. Four-D images are shared with the operator in real-time via Pix4Dcloud to display, and within two hours of the flight ending a full 3D model of the inspected building is loaded onto the user’s Pix4D accounts.

The vehicle is suited for inspection, mapping, or surveying of buildings, infrastructure, telecom towers, wind turbines, solar panels, pipelines, and for automated security monitoring of construction, real estate, and insurance assets.

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 With the two options of manual or autonomous photogrammetry, it provides reach functionality to the pilots. 48 MP images can be captures at a speed of 1 frame/second, and the data are uploaded to Pix4D. Flights can be planned with the help of Waypoints and Points of Interest.

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